COVID-19 Solution

Digital Homes has partnered with Invixium Canadan to come out with a bespoke and unique Next Generation Office Solution.

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Music & Entertainment

Our music systems are built into the fabric of your home with no visible wires or clutter, allowing you to enjoy whatever music you want, wherever you want, in truly breathtaking quality.

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Network & Wireless Infrastructure

Our networks are engineered to provide fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi in every corner of your home, whilst building a solid foundation for our integrated systems to operate on.

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Comfort & Security

We’ll help to make your home safe, comfortable and easy to manage - whether you’re at home or away from home, our systems help make life that little bit easier.

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Cinema & TV Solution

Cinema quality picture and sound, friction-free operation and all beautifully integrated into your interior design with no visible wires or equipment.

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Lighting and Shading

Lighting is one of the most powerful interior design tools available. It can change the atmosphere of a room at the touch of a button. We at Digital Homes is able to create immense and captivating bespoke lighting design with our range of products and services lighting offering.

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Remote Controlled

Ease of use

Smart lighting control